EGOS stands for Entrepreneur Growth Operating System™, a system of proven best practices developed by business growth expert Rajesh (Raj) Tedla.

Carl Nielson, executive coach and founder of HR Partner, partners with Raj Tedla to deliver this program to HR Partner clients. If you want to grow your business, this is the program for you. Scroll down to schedule a private Q&A session and receive a quick analysis to find out which of seven stages your business is in.

Regardless of your business, industry, or the industry association support group you belong to, we offer a proven path to success without the missteps.

Stages of Growth Model
(based on number of employees)

Stages of Growth Model

Key Issues, why companies fail

  • Don’t have sustainable profit model
  • Unable to create work community that produces high level
    of staff satisfaction
  • Don’t have model to understand/predict organizational growth

Outcomes of the Program

  • Gain clarity of where your business is today – from a growth perspective.
  • Examine what’s creating obstacles to growth. Identify what growth issues you need to focus on and why.
  • Align your management team (no matter how small or large) in a manner that allows the right issues to be identified and addressed sooner.
  • Help create a language of growth that will resonate with every single person in the company.

Key Components of the EGOS™ program

  • Three areas of focus: profit, people, process
  • Diagnosis and Treatment phases
  • 27 Challenges and 27 Strengths: Strategic alignment, engagement, implementation
    • Put words to your critical top five issues
    • As a leadership team, define the company’s top challenges
    • Align all employees to your goals and objectives
    • Enable your leadership team to build confidence as they proactively tackle critical issues
  • Understanding Builder and Protector Mindsets
  • Address Critical Initiatives
  • Change the language, change the culture: Intentional Communication
  • Sustaining a language of growth

As you begin, non-negotiable leadership rules of this program

  • Purpose is focus and putting a name to a problem
  • CEO/owner looks at and addresses specific areas that need improvement
  • Conversation and time is focused around critical issues
  • Benchmark metrics to quantify and measure progress

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