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HR for small businessThe Issues

There are many HR Outsourcing companies that offer payroll and benefits administration, risk compliance services, time-off tracking, expense management, COBRA support, workers compensation and other back office support. Certainly those back office services may be important for those companies with more than 20 employees if they don’t already have those services. But look closely. None of them offer what we refer to as front office expertise for leadership coaching, hiring top performers and resolving performance or organizational issues.

Are the back office services keeping you from growing at a faster pace? We doubt it.

Is the obstacle to growth related to front office challenges? We think it is.

HR Partner™ offers an affordable front office retained services solution – so you can focus on growing your business.

What any company must have to grow/what we focus on:

  • A performance-based, trusting and collaborative culture
  • Leadership support and development
  • Manager and supervisor success
  • Great-place-to-work culture
  • Excellent employee communications
  • Hiring processes that attract and identify high-potentials / high-performers
  • High employee morale and engagement
  • Elimination of unwanted turnover, low turnover, stable workforce

The results of those efforts: Lower operating costs, better organizational performance, faster growth.

#1 reason top performers are reluctant to work for small businesses? Poor management practices.

Competency. From hiring top performers to creating a high-performing company culture to managing performance, are you an expert?

Time. From dealing with internal conflicts to ineffective hiring processes, the more time you spend on those issues, the less time you have to grow your business. High unwanted turnover suggests the need for management development. High turnover due to poor new hire performance, especially within 18 months of hire, suggests poor hiring strategies and tools.

Cost of mediocrity. The reality is you can’t afford to hire a full-time Fortune 100 Chief HR Officer who has repeated successes growing companies and implementing best practice talent management strategies in companies just like yours. However, the cost of not having that level of expertise is unacceptably high. Just the day-to-day tactical HR-related work, when improperly performed, can cause a business to fail. Ever go to a new restaurant where you received bad service? You tried it one more time and received bad service the 2nd time as well. What did you do after that? You promised yourself you’d never go back. Six months later you notice there’s a For Lease sign on the building. What happened? Bad HR practices – plain and simple. It could have been poor training but it was most likely poor hiring practices. It’s happening everyday in every industry.

Your current service providers’ available add-on options aren’t acceptable. Your payroll service, benefits management/insurance firm or your internal office manager are narrowly focused experts in what they do. And they don’t have the time or expertise to meet your needs for professional HR front office services.

Distractions. Dealing with HR issues is keeping you from doing what you should be doing …growing your business. The lost opportunity costs are likely the highest expense in this equation.

Two Solutions – so you can focus on growing your business

Hiring Partner: Attracting and Acquiring Talent

The Hiring Partner retained service suite provides comprehensive hiring life-cycle support including an applicant tracking system, applicant communications support, job posting support including posting design, posting on Indeed, Craig’s List and several other job posting sites, assessment administration and interviewing guidance. The purpose of the Hiring Package is to improve hiring workflow, increase the number of quality candidates in the pipeline and ultimately increase the quality of hires and reduce the time-to-hire. This is the foundation to improving profitability and business growth.

HR Partner: Attracting, Acquiring and Retaining Talent

The HR Partner retained service suite provides all of the Hiring Partner offerings plus management/leadership guidance and advice, talent management strategy, employee relations support, compensation advisory, employee development tools, policy deployment support, discounts on workshops and on-site programs and job profiles for internal development use. The purpose of the HR Partner suite is to provide you with comprehensive professional HR services as your chief human resource officer and leadership coach.

  • HR Partner offers valuable strategic and tactical HR expertise, executive coaching experience, hiring best practices, back-office systems/provider evaluation and selection and people-management knowledge. We’ll quickly become a key advisor at both the strategic and daily tactical levels.
  • HR Partner provides a robust applicant tracking system and assessment administration*.
  • HR Partner provides a part-time cost for a full-time solution.

*Assessment usage fees are not covered in the Hiring Partner or HR Partner retainer fee but are discounted. Assessment usage is invoiced separately based on actual usage.

What We Offer

  • Management advisory services
  • Talent acquisition, hiring best-practices
  • Talent management best-practices

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