We offer Retained Search as well as Hiring Partner and HR Partner retained services packages:

Our Retained Search offering is a traditional all-encompassing search contract that includes job posting, candidate screenings, assessments and offer support. Request a quote.

The Hiring Partner retained service suite (see details below) supports the entire hiring life-cycle by providing an applicant tracking system, job postings to social media sites, assessment administration, sourcing, recruiting and interviewing guidance. The purpose of the Hiring Package is to ensure optimum hiring workflow process, time-to-hire, quality of applicant pool and quality of hires. Hiring the right people for the right job in a timely manner is the foundation to improving profitability and growing your business.

The HR Partner retained service suite (see details below) provides all of the Hiring Partner offerings plus management/leadership guidance and advice, talent management strategy, employee relations support, compensation advisory, employee development tools, policy deployment support and customized management and employee development. The purpose of the HR Partner suite is to provide comprehensive and professional people management and organizational development expertise as your chief human resource officer and leadership coach.

Which Package is Right for Your Company?

Hiring Partner HR Partner
Talent Management Strategy Support Yes, to support organizational management in the hiring process Yes, an organization-wide strategy for growth, change management, and profitability
CATS Applicant Tracking System including manager training & 24/7 support Yes, includes one Hiring Manager seat. Add more seats @ $25 per month per manager. Yes, includes one Hiring Manager seat. Add more seats @ $25 per month per manager.
Job Postings to social media sites (i.e. Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Craig’s List, etc.) Yes, from professional job posting development to distribution to posting on sites. Client pays pay-per-click fees. Yes, from professional job posting development to distribution to posting on sites. Client pays pay-per-click fees.
Development of Job’s Key Accountabilities and Job
$750 per job benchmark $250 per job benchmark
Hiring Manager prep and advisory only (ask for quote for conducting a retained search) Hiring Manager prep and advisory, conduct initial screening interview
Soft Skill Online Learning Library No. Yes, for all employees. Self-directed LMS with Behavioral, Personal Drivers and EQ modules and supplemental training content.
Coaching, Training and  Seminars Request a quote. Request a quote. 15% discount applied.
CATS and Assessment Administration Customizing Covered by setup fee. Ongoing. Covered by setup fee. Ongoing.
Assessments Invoiced based on usage. Invoiced based on usage.
HR Strategy, Weekly HR Business Partner duties No Yes
Background Checks
SSN check, MVR and national criminal. Invoiced based on usage. SSN check, MVR and national criminal. Invoice based on usage.
Applicant Work References
Invoiced based on usage. Included upon decision to hire.

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*For assessment pricing, request price schedule. Assessment services, background check and work reference services, seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching contract services are add-on fee-based offerings. Call us at 972.346.2829 for a customized quote.

HR Partner is a service of The Nielson Group. Call us at 972.346.2892 to discuss you particular needs.

Retained Service Price Schedule—Which Fits Your Organization?
All prices subject to change – 12-month contract minimum. To discuss your specific needs, please schedule an information session with Carl Nielson.

HR Partner
Pricing Schedule

Monthly Fee

Hiring Partner

HR Partner

One-Time Setup Fee



Less than 25



Less than 50



Less than 150



Over 150

Request a customized quote? 

We offer the combination of proven strategic HR advisory services with tangible best practice tools for talent management – with two goals – to grow your business and improve your bottom line.

Hiring a full time chief human resources officer is not economical for most small businesses and is likely a waste of financial resources. Consider the cost-savings and quality of what we offer as an HR outsourcing solution. We call it “shared HR services” for small business. If you want a strategic and tactical HR partner and best-in-class HR tools to get better results, improve profit margins without increasing your prices and, frankly, to make your life easier, this is the solution. We partner with you and your full time staff to ensure the best decisions, strategies and tools are leveraged effectively so you can focus on strategically growing your business.

You may not need a full-time chief human resources officer but you do need one.

To learn more about Carl Nielson, your chief HR officer, visit his LinkedIn Profile. Also check out Carl’s consulting firm, The Nielson Group, serving companies of all sizes.

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