We provide a suite of assessments for hiring and development and the online administration tools to help you make the best hiring decisions. Not only do we offer best-in-class assessments, we offer full interpretation support. You don’t need to be an expert. That’s what we’re here for.

Why use assessments?

Applicants won’t reveal much about their talent, what motivates them and how they work – no matter how good you think you are at interviewing. While we provide interview questions and coach you to be a great interviewer, you won’t be able to evaluate applicants anywhere close to what you can do if you simply add our assessments to the process.

Managing, coaching, motivating and developing employees is a skill. We will develop your skills. But if you add our talent assessments, not only will be a better manager and coach to your employees, you’ll also find yourself saving time.

Is there a cost for the assessments?

Assessments are an add-on expense but as an HR Partner you received a 5% to 15% discount off the price sheet depending on your HR Partner plan. You also are not buying in bundles. You pay for what you use.

I’ve been down the assessment path. I didn’t see any measurable benefit from them. Why should I start using your assessments?

We hear that often. There are many assessments on the market that claim they help you select the best applicants. Unfortunately, they can come up short for what they claim to do. We’ve been using the same suite of assessments and a proven process with our clients for over ten years and we receive the same positive feedback from all our clients. But the real proof should show up in results. Our clients consistently report higher performance, elimination of performance problems and lower turnover. Many of our clients tell us our assessments are the #1 reason their business is growing. But it isn’t just the quality of the assessment tools. Our clients tell us our interpretation support is extremely valuable. We are there to help you interpret the assessment results including a written summary evaluation and 24/7 phone support.

And our assessments help you after the hire is made. Managing and coaching employees is critical to success. Understanding your employees’ talents so you can manage and coach them with laser accuracy is critical.

About Our Assessments

The Pre-Hire Opinion Survey is a low-cost ‘step one’ screening for “quality of person”. The Opinion Survey was designed specifically for hiring. It measures work-related attitudes related to work attitudes, supervisory attitudes, customer service, safety/risk avoidance, theft and drug use. The Opinion Survey also measures authenticity of responses (a form of lie detection) and provides you with follow-up interview questions. The Opinion Survey enables you to discuss policies and expectations unlike any other assessment on the market. We recommend using this as a first screening. If the results aren’t acceptable, no need to spend more money on assessments. If the results are acceptable, you’ll want to go to the next step to determine job fit.

The Talent Insights Assessment measures two key areas for job-fit, the behavioral style and personal motivators of the applicant. For many positions, the Talent Insights assessment will provide all you need to compliment the interview.

The Personal Talent Skills Inventory measures cognitive thinking skills such as problem solving abilities, understanding people, role acumen and systems judgement. This is an ideal tie breaker when used with the Talent Insights but many clients combine it with the Talent Insights assessment.

The TriMetrix Talent Profile measures everything included in the Talent Insights and Personal Talent Skills Inventory and acknowledges the applicant’s experience. We recommend the full TriMetrix for key positions including any management, sales or office staff position.

The Talent Insights and TriMetrix has an applicant report and a coaching report. We provide the coaching report at no additional charge for all new hires.