Your HR Partner has extensive experience across multiple industries. From strategic discussions to creating the perfect job posting ad, your HR Partner is there to respond to your needs. All three of our standard packages, Basic, Premium and Gold, includes an assigned HR Partner to support you. The Premium and Gold packages include applicant interviewing support.

Our Vision for the HR Partner Role

HR Partner roleAt any time of the year, your HR Partner may become critically important, to the point that you are in daily contact. At other times, it may be several days or a week between discussions. Regardless, we won’t be recording time. You’ll have access to your HR Partner and your HR Partner will be proactively working with you to ensure your organization’s needs are met.  Your leadership team, managers, supervisors and even employees are given access to your HR Partner. This saves you significant time.

Need a professional to do more of the preliminary screening of applicants? We include phone screening of applicants based on your preference. Your HR Partner will conduct screenings by phone and debriefing you on the results. You’ll save significant time by avoiding time spent with those applicants that don’t qualify or whose expectations aren’t aligned with your offering.

The best applicants aren’t in the job market for long. With an HR Partner, we prioritize and focus your valuable time on the high-potential candidates.

To learn more about Carl Nielson, your chief HR officer, visit his LinkedIn Profile. Also check out Carl’s consulting firm, The Nielson Group, serving companies of all sizes.