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HR Partner is a boutique consulting firm solving Human Resource problems for small, high-growth organizations across the USA. We are a division of The Nielson Group, a talent management solutions provider, who services mid-cap and multi-national companies.

HR Partner offers a bundled suite of services and tools designed specifically for growing organizations with as few as 5 employees up to 100 employees. Usually found in larger companies, you will find our offerings meet critical talent management requirements for any organization, of any size. HR Partner provides effective HR services in the most cost-effective way possible – to grow your business.

The backstory

The Nielson Group, established in 1998, developed a strong reputation for assisting large multi-national businesses with coaching, professional development, team development and hiring best practices. The Nielson Group also provided small business clients, whose companies were trying to grow, with services to help them eliminate missteps. As our smaller clients grew, so did the strong positive feedback and appreciation for our services.

“While our original focus was serving large multi-national companies, our competencies overlapped nicely with the needs of small businesses” stated Carl Nielson, founder, Chief HR Officer for HR Partner clients and managing principal of The Nielson Group. “The greatest overlap of needs was with matching the right applicants to the right jobs. With cloud-based technology, we were able to offer small companies the same best practices for hiring that billion dollar multi-national companies were using. Once we began applying best-practice HR methods and tools for small businesses, it wasn’t long before we started seeing our small clients grow! The ROI was incredibly in our clients’ favor – to the detriment of their competitors. Certainly, some executive coaching along the way was proving helpful as well. But with our applicant tracking system, proprietary applicant assessment strategy and suite of applicant assessments, we were seeing faster hiring, better quality hires, and eventually much better business performance and measurable growth. By hiring better, our small business clients were in a better position to focus on growing the business. “

We recognized early-on the need for small business HR services but cloud-based technology hadn’t happened yet. For most small businesses, hiring an HR manager requires a significant investment that isn’t affordable. The average salary for an HR manager is well above $80,000 per year. And to make the issue bigger, for many smaller businesses who grew large enough to make that investment, the expected ROI didn’t materialize. The combination of business acumen, HR competencies, experience with best-in-class HR technology and talent strategy development and implementation experience was missing. Instead, these businesses had hired administrative office managers to do the work of HR.

Today, the technology, especially because of the scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based solutions, is within reach of any organization, regardless of size. But as a small business, there is still an issue with the time, costs and energy required to effectively select, implement and use these tools. In most cases, if you were to take all of this on yourself, the amount of hours for you and your staff to find, learn and implement the tools could easily add up to an HR manager’s salary. With HR Partner, we offer a formula that allows you to be much more efficient with your time and your money – so you can focus on growing your business.

Leverage our expertise.

Many of our early clients told Carl they wanted greater access for more in-depth interviewing support, dealing with performance issues, strategic talent management planning and general management coaching – all available within The Nielson Group’s primary competencies. With HR Partner, we found a way to value and package it to be cost-effective for small businesses.

“But the real win-win, is seeing your business grow.”

Our HR Partner clients are benefiting from the much lower expense of this HR outsourcing strategy in a win-win formula that shares the cost of expertise across all HR Partner clients. But the real win-win, is seeing your business grow.

The Nielson Group continues to serve the needs of multi-national, Fortune 250 clients and mid-cap leaders with coaching, organizational development and assessments. With HR Partner, we now believe we have the formula to offer a complete suite of talent management strategy offerings that can be leveraged specifically by our smaller clients.

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